Creating an impressive array of work, Ivanjicki delivers creative, innovative and engaging solutions to web design, logo design, book covers, banners and car stickers.

Anyone in search of superb graphic design in Canberra need look no further... Ivanjicki develops effective graphic design concepts which provoke a reaction, using relevant ideas to communicate with your audience and make an impression of your business, service or product.

Building an identity for your business and developing platforms for delivering your core message to your audience are essential elements for a successful brand identity design. Every single thing that your company creates and displays, including web and logo designs, needs to demonstrate the core ideas, values and aims of your business. That is why all these elements should be creatively and strategically developed to work together and send a direct and motivating message to your audience.

Ivanjicki's main focus is on sending your message graphically. Each project is a clean and sophisticated offering, showcasing different aspects of creation with a few refined twists which make it stand out from the creative crowd.

"... Here, you will be able to see my work up to date... You will see my art born from complete freedom and the visualisation of my creative urge... The art which makes people happy... You will also understand my ability to adapt my style to different client requests, which makes my work full of diversity and most importantly, reflects on my growth as an artist...

Welcome to my world..."